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Keeping Your Focus at the Agen Poker Online Tables

Publié le 28 Août 2017

The online poker rooms are unique in that you don't see your competition and you are playing at a blazing fast speed. If you can keep your focus, you could really start building your bankroll quickly and easily. Here are some things to consider when you are playing Agen poker online.


The game of poker online is hard enough to play, don't let little distractions in your playing areas make it even hard. Don't give the competition an edge when you are watching TV, texting, or talking to friends when you should be completely focused on the game.


Make sure that you are not too relaxed that you start betting in patterns. If you are calling the same hands, folding to the same raises, and checking your blinds, you give the table free information they can use to try and trap you down the road.


Don't get so caught up in the moment that you wind up playing at the wrong tables. Look at your bankroll compared to the stakes at that table, and it might be time to drop down a few dollar amounts where the speed is slower and the competition softer.


Look for opportunities to bluff your opponents. If you see a weak player who is always checking the bet if an ace drops on the board, then it is time for you to represent that ace and start taking down some easy pots.


If you pull off a big bluff, don't lose your focus and flash the table your hole cards. Not only does this look weak, it gives the rest of the table free information they can use later.


Now that you see how focus is the key to building your agen poker online bankroll, don't let those distractions take you away from your quest to build a huge bankroll playing poker online.

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